The aim of the MÚSES project is to improve conservation status of species and habitats and to strengthen biodiversity, especially within the Natura 2000 system. The launched information system provided administrators of the MÚSES with convenient access to necessary analytical data and time savings during preparation of documents. At the same time a quality of standardization has increased and incompatibilities of document processing for individual location have been eliminated.

We started the project in December 2019 and successfully completed it in November 2021.

Client: SAŽP - Slovak Environment Agency

  1. Assignment and its challenges

    The proposed MÚSES information system has been intended to serve as a powerful support tool that would enable processors with necessary professional competence and standard GIS knowledge to effectively create high-quality MÚSES projects.

    For its basic purpose, the system should provide its implementer with an access to an integrated MÚSES information database created within the project, which would integrate analytical data on abiotic environment, biotic environment, and socioeconomic phenomena as well as purpose synthesis and interpretation of these spatial data necessary to process the design part of MÚSES.

    The use of this information base is supposed to be available to the creator of MÚSES through the functionalities integrated within a comprehensive GIS-web application, which has been supplemented by analytical functionality supporting elaboration of individual methodological steps of MÚSES.

    Thanks to the IT system, the creator of MÚSES is able to:

    • Access data through a map application and use analytical functionality.
    • Create a document in an interactive tool with automatic generation of text, figures, and graphical information for the relevant chapter of MÚSES.
    • Create map attachments.
    • Share documents and maps at different stages of elaboration.
  2. Approach

    Principles of hybrid project management have been used during the project. Within the tools of agile management, a great emphasis has been placed on the interactive communication directly with future MÚSES solvers and users of the application.

    The solution is based on SOA architecture and on delivery of the following modules:

    • CMS and portal,
    • Integration platform,
    • Universal module for managing code lists and catalogues,
    • Module of support functions for generating MÚSES documents,
    • Module for reporting functions.

    A technological perspective to the delivered solution is as follows:

    • Frontend - Angular
    • Backend - SpringBoot
    • DB – Postgres
    • Message System - RabbitMQ
    • Deployment - Kubernetes
  3. Result - benefits of the new solution

    The information system MÚSES developed by us enables its users to create documents interactively and eliminates any need to repeatedly gather background spatial information from fragmented and often incompatible sources.

    The system has significantly simplified and improved implementation of ÚSES as a binding basis for individual spatial planning documentation.

    Saving time in processing of MÚSES documentation

    Elimination of incompatibilities in documentation processing

    Access to analytical tools for individual methodological steps of ÚSES

    Simplification of the integration of ÚSES spatial data into NIPI and eGovernment

    In the post-implementation phase of the MÚSES project, the client SAŽP develops a territorial system of ecological stability for 70 model municipalities.

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