The IMS Policy in the company

MICROCOMP - Computersystém s r. o.

The company MICROCOMP, with its registered office in Nitra, has implemented the Integrated Management System, which is one of the main activities to fulfil its objectives, specifically development and growth, not only at our company but also for our employees and satisfaction of our customers. Moreover, it also includes prevention from negative environmental impacts.

The main business activities of MICROCOMP, are:

Development, sale, implementation, support and service of information technologies, project management, hardware, software and communication solutions.

The IMS policy of MICROCOMP is based on the following principles:

  • To implement the Integrated Management System in compliance with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 20000-1, ISO/IEC 25000. and requirements related to the OHS.
  • To apply and improve the IMS when providing the services related to the company's main business activities with the emphasis on the customers' needs, protection of the environment, occupational health protection, information security, and fulfilment of the required level of services.
  • To increase customers' satisfaction by meeting their requirements in relation to the company's goals and to the required level of services.
  • To achieve higher competence and professionalism of its employees by setting suitable objectives for their education and personal growth.
  • To regularly monitor the fulfilment of the level of provided services, security of the information systems and assets of the company in order to prevent it from any potential risks or to eliminate them completely.
  • Any changes in the IMS are examined and approved in a controlled manner in order to avoid any unclear specification of the extent of the required change which might lead to a potential loss of availability and quality of provided services.

In the quality management system:

  • To improve quality of the provided services and to increase customers' satisfaction.
  • To improve processes intended to achieve the company's goals and development.

In the environmental management system:

  • It undertakes to plan and control all their inputs and outputs, to work on permanent improvement of these aspects with respect to the environmental protection, meeting the binding requirements, minimizing and preventing from negative environmental impacts by waste reduction, its subsequent separation and recycling and by saving energy and raw materials.

In the information security management system:

  • Confidentiality, accessibility and integrity for all the information required to perform the company's business.
  • Compliance with the legislative and contractual requirements and the requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001 standard.
  • To implement the adequate and required measures focused on increasing efficiency in the management of identified risk.

In the service management system:

  • Implementation of any new or modified services is supposed to consist of clear implementation procedures.
  • The heart of the service management represents registration and information about the state and the type of the configuration items within the service provided.

In the software engineering management system:

  • Extending the range of system and software products using the SQuaRE methodology.
  • Improving the Data and Product quality by abiding the SQuaRE quality model.
  • Model elements application during the provision of activities and services in the area of design, planning, implementation and integration of a multi-tier architecture IS.

In the occupational health and safety system:

  • To provide suitable conditions for work, prevention from occupational injuries by sufficient equipment and its subsequent regular maintenance.
  • To meet and fulfil the applied legal and other requirements related to the OHS.
  • To provide its employees with sufficient education with a special emphasis put on learning about potential aspects, risks and threats, and also solving emergency situations.

In Nitra July 2020

Ing. Vojtech Lukács, CEO/Registered Agent